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Naughty Boy Sleep 405g - Strawberry Mango EXP: 2026-01-30

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Product description

Adequate sleep is like a secret weapon in your fitness arsenal. It’s not just about hitting the weights hard. It’s also about getting a full night of restful sleep, giving your body time to rebuild and repair.

Naughty Boy Sleep helps you with that full night of restful sleep. Packed with vital and high-quality ingredients, it is a natural way to boost the effectiveness of your sleep. Start benefitting from a good night’s rest and choose Naughty Boy Sleep!

Key Benefits

  • Quality ingredients at quality doses
  • 3000 mg Glycine per serving
  • Highly bioavailable Magnesium Threonate
  • No artificial colours
  • 30 servings per tub
  • Two mouthwatering flavours: Strawberry Mango and Blueberry Pineapple

Benefits of Naughty Boy Sleep

Getting a full night of restful sleep is absolutely fundamental for physical recovery, mental recovery and emotional recovery. Naughty Boy Sleep is formulated to influence all these recoveries.

NaughtyBoy Sleep includes vital and quality proven ingredients. With ingredients like Taurine, Glycine and Magnesium Threonate supporting the reduction of fatigue, Naughty Boy Sleep is your go-to supplement for your nightly routine.

Suggested use of Naughty Boy Sleep

As a dietary supplement, mix one serving (13,5 g) with 200 to 250 ml of cold water. For best results, consume NaughtBoy Sleep 30 minutes before bedtime. Don’t exceed the recommended daily dose.


BrandNaughty Boy
CategorySleep Enhancers
EAN Code
By 1:703818981621
By 1:640516989842
Product code14903

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