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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to have a registered business?

Yes. All of our clients need to have a registered business with a valid VAT-number. If you currently do not have a VAT number, please contact us in order to help you.

How do I change my company details?

To change your company details log in to your account and click ‘my account’. On your account page you go to ‘edit company data’. In the pop-up window you can change the fields you need to. Please note that some of your company data is not changeable. If you need to change this information anyway, please contact your Prometeus contact person.

I have lost my password. How do I get a new password?

To request a new password go to the client login dropdown window on the right top of your screen. When you click “forgot password” a window will pop up. Enter the e-mail address you normally use to log in and click send. A new password will be automatically send to your e-mail. It is advised to change this new password the next time you log in.

I want my order to be delivered to an address other than my company address.

Once your order is done and you choose to check out you automatically enter the order confirmation screen. Below your order overview you can see a field which contains your account data. On the right you see your delivery address. Click “edit delivery address” to change this address. Check the “delivery address differs from company address” box in the screen that’s pops up and enter the requested information. Once done click save and continue your order.


Can I get free samples with my order?

We always try to include samples with every order. However, we are depending on our brands to supply us with adequate amount of samples. Some brands do sample heavily, while others don’t. Samples are always free of charge unless stated otherwise.

How long does it take you to build an order?

Generally every order takes between 2 to 48 hours to build. This is the same for small parcel orders or orders with several trailers.

I am looking for a specific product on the website.

If you’re looking for a specific product you can use the search bar that is placed in the header of the page. Just type the name of the product and a page with search results will show. Note: please don’t use the hyphen (-) symbol, this symbol will not be taken into account in the search.

I did not receive a conformation email after submitting my order.

First make sure you entered the right email address in your account information. Second check if your mailbox has enough free space to receive emails. If this is not the problem please notify your Prometeus contact person.

I have already submitted my order, is it still possible to make changes?

If you have already sent your final order it is not possible to change it. If you need to add extra products you can just log in and create a new order. Removing a product from an already submitted order is not possible. Please let your Prometeus contact person know so he/she can amend your order.

Is it possible to return products?

Returning products is only possible on several occasions. If you wish to return a product please contact your Prometeus contact person to see whether or not this is possible.

The product I like to order is not on stock, can I order anyway?

Yes, it is possible to order products that are currently out of stock. However, for quick processing of your order we recommend not to order products that are out of stock. When you do order out of stock products, be aware that sometimes it might take a while before a product is back on stock. After you ordered your Prometeus contact person will contact you to make arrangements. He/she can tell you when a certain product will be on stock again.


Does Prometeus take care of transport?

Transportation of the order is a responsibility of the client. Though as an extra service Prometeus can contact a transportation company for you to arrange the delivery. Cost of this will be on account of the client. Be aware that transportation is always on the client’s risk, even when Prometeus sets up the arrangements.

How long does it take to deliver my order?

Delivery times depend on multiple factors. For specific information please contact your Prometeus contact person or your transportation company.

Is it possible for me to pick up the order myself?

Yes. Once your order is ready and payment arrangements are made your Prometeus contact person will notify you that your order is ready for transport.

One or more products were damaged during transportation, can I return them?

Since transportation is on the risk of the client, Prometeus cannot be held liable for damage occurred during transport. Therefore, returning damaged products is not possible.

Which countries does Prometeus deliver to?

We deliver throughout the whole European continent, parts of the Caucasus and in most countries surrounding the Mediterranean See. Not sure if we deliver to your country? Please contact us at info@prometeus.nl

Are there additional costs related to my order?

We will include an extra fee on your order if it requires us to request certain documents. For example, we charge €50 for export documents like EX1, €70 for EUR.1 documents, and €5 per additional HS code.


Are all products legal?

Prometeus only trades products which can legally sold in the Netherlands. We are an FDA inspected company. European Free Trade Agreement dictates that which is legal in one EU country can legally be shipped to another EU country.

Can I visit your office and warehouse?

Absolutely! We welcome all guests, but be sure to set up an appointment with your Prometeus contact person so we have adequate time for you. You can tour our offices and even bring home your order.

Can you advise me what products to sell?

Our staff can help you with any product related question you have. We have over 10 years experience in the market and know every product and/or vendor. We hold knowledge about all aspects of nutritional supplements. Your Prometeus contact person is always available to help you put together the best selling range of products.

Can you help me with certificate’s or other legal questions?

Our staff can help you with any legal question you might have and provide detailed information about every product we stock. This includes labels, certificate’s, lab analysis, etc. Please check the product page of every product as you can find labels and other downloads there.

Can you provide labels in my own native language?

Some of our products have a multilingual label with the most common European languages. We also have German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Swedish translated labels available for some products. Should you require some assistance, please enquire with your Prometeus contact person.

Do your products contain doping or steroids?

All products that are purchased are being checked on forbidden substances. We don’t allow products that contain steroids or any substances that are on the WADA doping list. However, we are a wholesaler and not a manufacturer, so we can never 100% guarantee that our products don’t contain these substances. Athletes should always check with their own organization which products or substances are banned.

How long are expiration dates on your products?

Expiration dates always vary depending on the nature of the product. You can find up to date information on the individual product pages.

What are the benefits of becoming a client of Prometeus?

Prometeus operates from several warehouses with a total storage capability of 25.000]m2 making it the largest supplement distributor in Europe and also amongst the largest in the world. Being the largest also transfers to our stock levels. We do not stock products in the hundreds, we stock them in the thousands. Our stock levels are by far the highest in Europe. We currently service customers in 46 different countries and can help you with any shipping or legal questions you might have.

What are your taxes and customs?

Our products have already been custom cleared so there will be no additional custom fees. When working with your valid VAT number you will also not pay any VAT when purchasing from us. Normal VAT % on supplements in the Netherlands is 9%.


What kind of payment methods do you accept?

Payment can be done by transferring the order amount to the Prometeus bank account or cash payment when the order is being picked up. American Express payment is also possible. Ask your sales manager for your personal payment link. Please note that any request for a PayPal payment link will incur an additional 3,5% fee of the total order amount.

When do I pay for my products?

Prometeus works with a pre-payment system which means that all orders have to be paid in advance. As soon as we received your payment your Prometeus contact person will contact you to confirm if the order is ready for pick-up/transport.

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