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Fit & Co Protein Soft Bar - 10 x 55 g - Peanut Caramel

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Product description

It’s simple: once you’ve tried the Fit & Co Protein Bar, you’ll never want another protein bar again! When it comes to amazing nutritional values, the new Fit & Co Protein Bar is outstanding. Each bar contains a whopping 18 grams of high quality protein, only 199 calories and is low in sugar.

And the taste and texture? Pure excellence! Each bar offers a soft centre, a crispy chocolate outer layer and a unique crunch with every bite. The difference between a candy bar and a protein bar is smaller than ever!

Each bar is individually wrapped, making it the perfect on-the-go protein bar. It’s the tastiest, easiest way to consume high quality protein and a real lifesaver in the gym, on the road or just about anywhere. Indulge in the delicious taste of the amazing Chocolate Caramel, luxurious Peanut Caramel or crunchy Hazelnut Chocolate.

Key Benefits

  • Your new, all-time favourite protein bar
  • Unique texture that is both soft and crunchy
  • Low in sugar
  • 18 grams of high quality protein per bar
  • Only 199 calories
  • For all those who lead an active lifestyle
  • Crazy delicious flavours: Peanut Caramel, Caramel Chocolate or Hazelnut Chocolate

The tastiest and easiest way to get high quality protein

The Fit & Co Protein Bar easily provides enough protein for the day, ideal for any active lifestyle. And unlike your usual chewy protein bars, Fit & Co Protein Bars have a unique crunchy texture. That’s what makes these bars stand out.

Combined with a soft centre and a firm chocolate outer layer, it’s the tastiest way to easily boost your daily protein intake. Treat yourself to a delicious, crunchy Fit & Co Protein Bar whenever you’re in need of some good nutrition, or when you’re in the mood for a snack.

Simply grab a Fit & Co Protein Bar out of your bag, tear it open and increase your daily protein intake with some high quality protein while enjoying a delicious, healthy snack.

Choose one of the delicious flavours

  • Caramel Chocolate: a deliciously soft, protein-rich filling with a thin layer of caramel covered in milk chocolate. So delicious, you almost forget the amazing nutritional values.
  • Hazelnut Chocolate: an insanely delicious chocolate-covered protein bar with a hazelnut filling and a crispy crunch in every bite.
  • Peanut Caramel: delicious soft-centred protein bar enriched with peanut chunks, a layer of chocolate and a punch of caramel for a silky smooth finish.

Enjoy a Fit & Co Protein Bar every day

Whether you’re an athlete, watching your weight, trying to lead a healthier lifestyle or just leading a busy life, the Fit & Co Protein Bar is there for you when you’re in need of the right nutrition.

Sport: with 18 grams of high quality protein per bar, Fit & Co Protein Bar is the perfect post-workout snack to promote muscle growth, muscle strength, muscle recovery, muscle retention and strong bones. Each bar contains high quality protein from milk protein (20% whey protein and 80% casein), the popular collagen hydrolysate and pea protein isolate.

Weight loss: lose fat, not muscle! Protein helps limit the loss of muscle tissue during weight loss and gives you a satisfying feeling of fullness, reducing the likelihood of snacking.

Conscious snacking: with the Fit & Co Protein Bar you’re making a conscious choice for a delicious, protein-rich, calorie-controlled and low-sugar snack. And every bite still feels like a treat.


BrandFit & Co
CategoryProtein Bars
EAN Code6013725826880
Product code14792

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