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Evolite Protein Pancakes Apple Pie (1000 g) EXP: 2025-10-30

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Product description

Evolite's protein-rich pancake powder is designed for individuals with a genuine passion for staying active and engaged in sports. Packed with both carbohydrates and protein, these pancakes provide a powerful energy boost, making your most important meal of the day exceptionally valuable. Indulge in the unique taste of Evolite's egg pancakes, which boast a healthy profile with a balanced content of saturated fatty acids.

These pancakes are not only incredibly filling but also low in calories, ensuring you won't experience post-meal hunger, making them an ideal choice for those conscious about their diet and weight management. Crafted from oat flour, these protein pancakes are a gluten-free option, enriched with a substantial dose of vitamins and minerals.

To prepare a batch of delicious pancakes, simply combine 70g of powder (equivalent to 3 measuring spoons, or 1 serving) with approximately 140ml of water or milk. Mix thoroughly to ensure all ingredients are well combined. Pour the batter onto a hot pan and cook until bubbles appear on the surface, then flip and cook until the pancakes achieve a golden hue. Serve the warm pancakes with your favorite sauce or syrup. Enjoy a nutritious and satisfying meal that aligns with your active lifestyle and dietary preferences.


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Product code14645

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