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Evolite Omega 3+D3+k2+E 60 Softgels EXP: 2025-10-23

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Product description

The Evolite Omega 3 D3+K2+E dietary supplement  contains Omega 3 fatty acids and has been enriched with vitamin D3, K2 and E.
  • Omega acids contribute to the proper functioning of the heart. Omega-3 has the ability to thin the blood and prevent blood cells from sticking to damaged vessel walls, preventing the formation of clots and embolisms. They also prevent inflammatory processes in the arteries leading to their hardening, lower the level of bad LDL cholesterol and increase the level of good HDL cholesterol, reducing the rate of development of atherosclerosis. 
  • Vitamin D3 and K2 help maintain the proper functioning of the circulatory system. Vitamin K contributes to proper blood clotting, while vitamin D helps maintain the proper level of calcium in the blood.
  • Vitamin E will ensure proper blood clotting and reduce the concentration of bad cholesterol. Additionally, Vitamin E, like vitamins A and C, is a strong antioxidant that fights free radicals, so it will help protect your body against cell damage and oxidative stress.


CategoryVitamins & Minerals
EAN Code5908261599460
Product code14455

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