Protein Porridge Pre-Workout - coffee & oats

Feel Free Nutrition

Supplement facts:

Brand Feel Free Nutrition
Category Creatine
Flavor Coffee & Oats
Form Cereals
Quantity 85 g

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Do you rely on a tasteless, boring morning coffee to wake yourself up? It doesn’t need to be that way! Here at Feel Free Nutrition, our experts have designed a Coffee + Oats pre-workout porridge so you can replace your disappointing morning coffee with an indulgent breakfast that’ll leave you alert and ready to tackle your day. Packed full of healthy whole foods and high quality supplements, this porridge will top any other pre-workout meal. This no-fuss, easy to prepare breakfast is ideal for anyone leading a busy and active lifestyle. Simply wake up, add water and you’re good to go!
The Coffee + Oats porridge contains a unique blend of beta-alanine, creatine and energising carbohydrates; specially designed to get your mind and muscles ready for whatever you throw at them. Plus, it contains over 10g of healthy protein to leave you feeling full and satisfied until your next meal. Flavoured using natural deep coffee and cocoa flavours, you won’t hesitate to get out of bed in the morning when this delicious breakfast is waiting for you. Start your day on the right side of the bed with Feel Free Nutrition Coffee + Oats pre-workout porridge.