Neurocore Pro Series - Blue Raspberry


Supplement facts:

Brand MuscleTech
Category Pre-Workout
Flavor Blue Raspberry
Form Powder
Quantity 225 g
Servings 50 servings

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This is the most powerful pre-workout ever. Guaranteed.
NeuroCore™ is a science-first, super-concentrated pre-workout stimulant designed with extremely potent, research-inspired doses for a superior workout. 

Supplement Facts
  1 scoop
Calories 10
Calcium 8mg
Beta-alanine 1,067mg
L-citrulline 1,000mg
Creatine monohydrate 1,000mg
Ginseng extract 167mg
Caffeine anhydrous 120mg
L-theanine 50mg
Rhodiola extract  33,3mg 
   Standardized for rosavins and salidrosides