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    Pure isolated BCAA. 5 grams of pure isolated BCAA's per serving in a 2:1:1 ratio.
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    NOTE: A CARTON CONTAINS 12 UNITS Single units Cartons
    Fruit Smash (Skittles) exp. date: 01-2019
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    Dorks (exp. date: 10-2018)
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    Sour Batch Kids (exp. date: 01-2019)
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    Blue Bomb Sicle
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    Tigers blood
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    Star Blast
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    Mighty Melon
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    Sweet Delish
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MAN Sports

Born 2 Perform™
It is our evolutionary quest to be the best, reach new heights and find the answers to wonders of the universe. The quest for truth, knowledge, spiritualism, and balance is fierce, and with purpose. Our god-given abilities transmute thought, vision and desire into its physical equivalence. As man evolves, it becomes crystal clear that the only limitation man has is the limitations in its mind. Therefore there are no limits, no boundaries, binds or supernatural force to hold man back. If MAN can see it – MAN can achieve it.

In sync with the evolution of man, MAN™ (Metabolic Augmenting Nutrition) Sports Products Inc. vision was born to breathe new life into the sports nutrition industry. It is a powerful vision of stratospheric magnitude. It is the vision of fulfilling the potential of man – complete equilibrium, Mind, Body and Soul. A new age has dawned in the performance world, for the reason that MAN™ was Born 2 Perform™.