Headshot Drink - Lemon Strike

Dedicated Nutrition

Supplement facts:

Brand Dedicated Nutrition
Category Energy
Ready to Drink
Flavor Lemon
Form Liquid
Quantity 12 X 355 ml
Servings 12 x 2 servings

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Performance where and when you need it in seconds. Delicious, convenient and pure energy; that is HEADSHOT™.
HEADSHOT™ will provide an extreme rush of energy and focus for whatever your sport, work or life throws at you. Take a HEADSHOT™ and take your performance to the next level.
Best of all, HEADSHOT™ does not contain any sugars and only contains 3.5kcal per serving.
If you need to stay on top of your business, focused and productive at work, dominate your competition or just be your absolute best. Simply take the shot.