Gym Chef Seasoning - tomato & herb

The Gym Chef

Supplement facts:

Brand The Gym Chef
Category Foods
Flavor Tomato & Herb (exp. date: 09-2018)
Quantity 45 g


The all new Tomato and Herb all natural seasoning from The Gym Chef Food Company. 
The taste of summer in your tupperware - Limited stock.
Bringing the flavour of the Mediterranean to your meal prep
Try me on salads.
All of our seasoning blends contain:
  • No added salt
  • No added sugar
  • No additives
  • No preservatives
  • No Soya
  • High pepper content to help promote a Thermogenic reaction, aiming to increase metabolism. 
Ingredients: Tomato powder, Paprika, Tomato Flakes, Garlic granules, Cayenne, Basil, Pepper, Oregano, Onion Powder.