Feel Free Low Calorie Popcorn - smokey barbecue

Feel Free Nutrition

Supplement facts:

Brand Feel Free Nutrition
Category Foods
Flavor Smokey BBQ (exp. date: 04-2019)
Quantity 100 g


Research has shown that snacking between meals is the main culprit when it comes to weight gain. However, FFN doesn’t believe cutting out snacks completely is the answer; after all we don’t want you to miserable! That’s why we’ve created our own Sugar Free Popcorn, intended to keep you going and, more importantly, healthy.
A lot of manufacturers, in order to produce a low calorie product, substitute fat content for high sugar levels. It’s a technicality that wins the low calorie, and therefore healthy, label  - but unfortunately this is far from the truth.
At FFN, we’re not interested in tricking the consumer. We provide genuine healthy snacks that have no hidden sugar levels and still taste great. We can say, hand on heart, that our Sugar Free Popcorn is exactly that – low calorie and zero sugar. 
Our Smokey BBQ flavour will transport you to those summer evenings of sizzling heat and mouth-watering spices  – delicious indulgence with none of the guilt. All this in a conveniently sized snack for those times when you’re rushing to work or kicking back in the cinema. Regardless of when or where, FFN Sugar Free Popcorn will treat your taste buds and your body well.

A full box contains 36 bags of popcorn.
‚Äč*sales per single bag.