Supplement facts:

Brand Cutler Nutrition
Category PCT
Testosteron Booster
Flavor Unflavored
Form Capsules
Quantity 28 caps
Servings 28 servings

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It used to be that everyone wanted to get big. Not only did they want to get big, they wanted to get huge. That is definitely not the case anymore. Getting lean, hard, and shredded is any bodybuilder's dream come true. The ultimate state of physical perfection that only a few handpicked, lucky, genetically gifted individuals can actually achieve. Don't believe us? Listen up… when was the last time you saw someone say that they were looking forward to banging out an hour of cardio a day followed by a packet of tuna and broccoli? Yeah, neither have we.

The Team at Cutler Nutrition has spent close to a year designing and formulating a product that would take over where fat burners and diets leave off. A single solitary capsule built with one single solitary goal in mind – To get you lean. We've beta tested this formula for almost a year now. We've recorded the data and implemented a series of stages aimed at achieving this goal. It's ready and it's all yours. Use DRY™ as your secret "Get shredded" tool.

Directions for DRY: Take one (1) capsule daily, (in the morning) at the same time each day, or as directed by a qualified healthcare practitioner. Must be taken on a full stomach. For best results take four to eight (4-8) consecutive weeks (1-2 Cycles). A four (4) week break between cycles is recommended.