Dedicated Crisp Bar - 15 x 55gr - chocolate caramel

Dedicated Nutrition

Supplement facts:

Barcode 080494705339
Brand Dedicated Nutrition
Category Protein Bars
Flavor Chocolate Caramel
Form Bars
Quantity 15 x 55 g
Servings 15 servings

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Is it hunger that is driving you?
Hunger to become the best version of yourself? Hunger to beat the competition and to break records? Now that is a good type of hunger. But what about the type of hunger that makes you feel sluggish, weak and out of focus? That is the type of hunger we’d like to avoid.
Being dedicated towards creating products for anyone looking to achieve greatness we decided it was time for us to develop a protein bar that is both tasty AND fits your macros.

We can’t always predict what is coming to us, but we can prepare ourselves to tackle problems when they arise. Grab a bar with you wherever you go so you always have a protein rich snack available that gets you back in focus.

Dedicated Crisp Bars are perfectly fit to be eaten between lunch breaks, in the car, or even when you just need a quick snack between sets ;)

o 20 grams of protein per bar.
o No added sugar.
o Made with milk protein.
o With real pieces of peanut.*
o 15 bars per box.
* In the Caramel Peanuts flavour.