Clout V.2 - Fruit Punch


Supplement facts:

Brand MAN
Category Endurance
Flavor Lemon
Form Powder
Quantity 525 g
Servings 50 servings

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Clout™ has been reformulated to deliver better taste and even better performance over the much vaunted and heralded original formulation. Once again, Clout™ delivers 8 powerful, never-before combined bioactives in scientifically proven doses to create a new and exciting direction in supplementation maximizing human performance, body composition and optimizing the athletic environment. By completely redefining the use of creatine Man Sports™ welcomes you to the next level! 

Directions: Take one serving twice daily. One should be consumed approximately 30 minutes prior to exercise and the other serving should be consumed 4 to 5 hours before or after, depending on what time of day you exercise, with food. Noticeable results are seen in 10 days, and total effects are noticed after 28 days of continuous use. Clout™ can be combined with BodyOctane™ and other MAN Sports Products for enhanced athletic performance and body composition. 

Warnings: When using with BodyOctane™ be aware of Beta-Alanine content in both products. When using Clout™ with BodyOctane™ begin use of each product at half serving 4 times daily as opposed to one full serving of each product twice a day in order to develop a tolerance to Beta-Alanine. Beta-Alanine has the propensity to increase paresthesia (tingling sensation similar to niacin flush). This effect subsides after several days of continuous administration and is an inherent characteristic of Beta-Alanine.