AD Leaner Whey 4lbs - banana

Aesthetix Development

Supplement facts:

Brand Aesthetix Development
Category Whey Protein
Flavor Banana Ice Cream
Form Powder
Quantity 4 lbs
Servings 45 servings

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Leaner Whey features the highest quality cold processed Whey. By adding various additional ingredients, Leaner Whey not only builds and aids in recovery of lean muscle, but even enhances fat burning. 
Leaner Whey was designed to get you in shape fast and convenient without the added junk. Use Leaner Whey for your daily protein requirements and physique needs.
At AD we believe in honest products, what you see is what you get. We don’t use proprietary blends for our formulas, we show you exactly what we have put in our products so you know exactly what you are taking. Straight up honest products for real results.
Aesthetix Leaner Whey not only works great, it also tastes great! At AD we take great care in developing products that are as effective as they are simply delicious.
Get in shape and stay in shape with Leaner Whey.