100% Pure Muscle Mass 5lbs - Chocolate Chip

Cutler Nutrition

Supplement facts:

Brand Cutler Nutrition
Category Weight Gainer
Flavor Chocolate
Form Powder
Quantity 5 lbs
Servings 15 servings

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"My Name is Jay Cutler. I still compete and I still outperform the competition. 100% Pure Muscle Mass™ is the Professional Weight Gainer that I take. It gives me the perfect ratio of protein, good carbohydrates and amino-based nutrients I need to pack on solid, dense, muscle mass." - Jay Cutler

100% Pure Muscle Mass™ is exactly as the name implies – the ultimate in pro athlete-grade lean muscle mass weight gainer powders. It’s a precise composition of proteins, good carbohydrates, and nutrients to help you reach your bodybuilding goals. And, it doesn’t just taste good – it tastes incredible!